Count Chocula!

Hi Friends! I took not one, but 2 trips to Target this past weekend. I might have a shopping problem but I was on the hunt for ghost-shaped Peeps for my upcoming Ghostbusters themed dinner party this coming weekend! I didn't have any luck(hopefully Walgreens will have them) but I did come across the monsters cereals from General Mills.

To my memory, I haven't tried any of them so naturally, I went for Count Chocula and HELLOooo childhood. It's a cross between cocoa pebbles(favorite!!) and cocoa puffs. They're a somewhat obscure ghost shape(or is it a bat?) and come with little marshmallows in other obscure shapes like bats, mountains?, ghosts?? If anyone knows what these shapes are supposed to be, let me know in the comments!

I know it's not a recipe but hey, it's what I ate for breakfast this weekend. Run out to Target and get your monster cereals while they're still available! Happy Haunting! -J

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